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20Six FRESH Best Coast

Best Coast is a simple band.

Not a lot of gimmicks, not a lot of glitz. Just a guy and a girl (save the few other musicians that may join them on tour) creating tunes that’re both chilled out as well as sock hoppin.

Is it indie?


Surf rock?

However you categorize it’s the type of music that makes you just want to throw it in neutral and roll down the windows.

This week we find Beth Cosentino and partner Bobb Bruno releasing their follow up to 2010′s Crazy for You, a record that featured a number of hits which slowly garnered this duo limelight: internationale’.

Bling Bling

The Only Place will be released by their label, Mexican Summer, a little differently than their initial effort though. They aren’t the ‘under the radar’ indie band they were when Crazy For You dropped a few years back, sneaking into the Top 100 (#36 at its peak) amidst muchas blog buzz. Many have been expecting great things and anticipate a solid follow up from these two. The likes of Rolling Stone and Spin were ready with early reviews right out of the gate. From what I’ve heard and what has already been said, they did well…for the most part. While it’s evident they stuck to what they’re good at: lyrics that’re relatable to 20somethings, catchy riffs and sing-along-songs that makes a fan out of a first time listener. A lot of the reviews tread water in the same pool: Beth gives us too much ‘whoah is me’ when the ‘let’s get happy’ upbeat vibe is preferred.

Of course, everyone’s a critic. Right?

Just because fun songs like the single, Something In The Way and Target’s Xmas release, Got Something For You (created with boyfriend Wavves) are head bobbing finger-snappers doesn’t condemn her to a lifetime of sun-pop infused lyrics (Albeit when she does give us those gems they sparkle like diamonds). As Best Coast’s popularity grows it’s easy to assume some of their views might evolve. How they perceive the actions of those surrounding them, how they deal with fame and criticism. Naturally songs may reflect upon these substantial changes. Changes which undoubtedly occurred within a relatively short amount of time. This leads to lyrics that some say come across as whiny or elitist, but that’s like…their opinion man. They wanna bitch about fame? They wanna complain that things change? well stop the presses cuz we’ve NEVER heard a band do that before!

When Crazy For You was released, it slowly built steam on the backs of great tracks like: When I’m With You, Boyfriend and Our Deal (which eventually was given the ‘Thriller treatment’ by Drew Barrymore in a video homage to West Side Story). Now, The Only Place is ready to go with a lot of positive buzz, especially that surrounding the album’s title track–which is effectively the catchiest love letter to California I’ve ever heard (no disrespect Pac).

Some might say The Only Place took a step back musically. That Beth’s side projects may have distracted her from creating an excellent followup, but whaddya gonna do? No one ever said they were out to make the world’s next masterpiece. They gave us what we expected–fun songs letting in the sunlight mixed with some solemn tunes that drape the windows like the very fog covering the Golden Gate Bridge.

Did you see best Coast last year at The Capitol Hill Block Party?


Then check them out  at The Neptune on Thursday, May 22nd.



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