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The pro-cess



What a great time of the year, right?

Lakes to swim in.

BBQ’s to attend.

Fireworks seemingly popping off every night after the long sun has set.

Summer…what a blast.

Not if you’re a football fan though.

Summer is the worst.

The “Big Game” (no copyright infringement here) as well as the draft are months behind and the tidbits of news coming out of mini camps is barely enough to whet ones appetite. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we were perusing Hawks fan forums during the loathsome off season to get any taste of football we could. It was there we came across the post…it spoke of an outstanding project currently in the works.

Self-taught director/editor/documentary movie maker extraordinaire, William Cornell, had released part one of Rain City Redemption. A film series focused on the post-Holmgren demise and phoenix-esque rise of our beloved Seahawks.

We were immediately intrigued as every comment–a rave review.

“Can’t wait for part two” was the overwhelming response.

No doubt.

After watching the first installment, we too chimed in…you HAVE to hit us with the sequel!

You’d think he was Peter Jackson or something the way we were all hyped up on it. A true testament to the quality of the product he painstakingly put together. Memories of a forgotten team that wallowed below mediocrity only a few short years before this special squad playing before us now.

After part 2 and 3a (3b coming soon ala Harry Potter style) were released you could really see how well these films were stitched together. Each one the cliff hanger to a story that (although we already knew) left us ravenously anticipating what was next, like the first time you saw Back to the Future.

Enough with the pleasantries.

Please allow us to share our Q/A with the the mastermind behind this series and furthermore…please enjoy, Rain City Redemption:

Part 1:

YouTube Preview Image


Fresh: What’s your name? Where do you live? What do you do for a living?

WC: My name is William Cornell. I am a recent college graduate currently working as a file clerk in Seattle, WA.

Fresh: What inspired you to create this documentary?

WC: I originally started creating this documentary because I thought someone needed to do it (Hell yes). The story over the last few years was just too good not to document. In addition, I wanted to be able to look back five years from now and relive all the moments. A lot of us 12′s remember how good the Holmgren era was, but unfortunately that’s all we have. You’d be surprised at how difficult it is to find footage of those years. I think it’s important for the fans to have something they can look back on.

Fresh: Couldn’t agree with you more. How long has it taken you to put it all together (roughly)?

WC: To give a rough estimate, the series (so far) has taken 200+ hours to create. Outside of editing, I spend a lot of time finding clips, music, converting videos, etc.

Part 2:

YouTube Preview Image


Fresh: Going back over the footage, were there any parts that you felt couldn’t be cut?

WC: There are obviously a lot of clips amongst this series that help tell the story but the ones that stick out to me are usually the one’s you’ll see during the intros. The signing of Pete Carroll and John Schneider are examples of clips that absolutely need to be there. In the first episode, I really wanted to focus on how Pete Carroll changed the culture of the team. So the clips of him in the locker room after big games we’re really important in getting the story across.

Fresh: Were there any clips you edited out that maybe you had a hard time deciding to do so?

WC: There are definitely clips I’ve had a hard time letting go. I almost wish I would’ve included more of the Matt Flynn story in Ep. 3 but overall I think less is more. I’ve been in situations where I’ve deleted scenes and was unsure. But in the end it usually works out for the better.

Fresh: Have you gotten any help on this, feedback from friends/fans/relatives?

WC: Yes, I decided after Ep. 2 to start a thread on where I would ask for any requests/recommendations for Ep. 3. The feedback was excellent. Fans requested interviews/songs etc. It was a huge help and I ended up using most if not all of the advice I was given. Aside from the fans, I’ve been working with a local composer Paul Miller. He’s helped a lot with the music and he’s also been a great adviser.

Part 3

YouTube Preview Image


Fresh: How much did you hate Jim Mora’s face when you had to do the first portion featuring his lousy head coaching debut? lol just kidding…sorta

WC: Haha to be honest it wasn’t that frustrating. I think the reason I wasn’t mad while editing his coaching debut was because I knew how much better he was going to make Pete Carroll look. And to be fair, I think Jim Mora did inherit an aging team with dwindling talent (agreed). I don’t blame him entirely for the five win season. For me, it was it was his inability to handle adversity that made me dislike him as a head coach.

Fresh: Tell me about your process, how did you scope out the project?

WC: To keep it short, the idea to create this series came right after last years Patriots game (we were there!). Watching the game with my brother, he mentioned “it’s too bad ESPN will never make a 30 for 30 about our team…”. At the time I was working at Cinema Lab (library) on campus. My job was basically looking over the computers. In other words, I had hours on end to do whatever I felt like doing (choice gig). That Sunday I had an evening shift and remember sitting there thinking to myself, “that video editing stuff can’t be that hard.” At that moment I started looking around for a video editing program and the rest is history. I initially wanted to make this project one hour total. I later realized that if I really wanted to re-capture the story, I’d have to split it up into episodes.

Fresh: For sure, that said–what prompted you to split episode 3 into two parts?

WC: I decided to split Ep. 3 into two parts not only because of the vast amount of content, but also because last season was really a two part story. The beginning of the season began with a lot of unanswered questions. A lot of people questioned our draft picks. A lot of people criticized Pete Carroll over the his decision to start Wilson over Flynn. Part one was really focused on those individual players. Part two will focus more on how the team comes together. I think some of the fans out there thought the last episode was too focused on Wilson; but that was the point. Episode two will have an emphasis on our growing rivalry with SF and how our team came together and started playing well on both sides of the ball.

Fresh: Damn straight.


If you enjoyed William’s project, let him know:

‘Like’ the Rain City Documentary Series FB page here.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel here and keep an eye out for episode 3b.

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Great job my man, you KILLED it. Go Hawks!

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  1. Brian Tichenor

    It’s GREAT to see William getting the coverage his series deserves! His “hobbyshopping” surpasses some of the better NFL films. Heck, even Steve Sabol himself would love to narrate this piece.

    Totally agree that William has an amazing creative talent to tell a story we already know the ending to. My favorite part yet is the ending to Episode Two foreshadowing to “the Arrival”…”with the 75th pick the Seattle Seahawks select…” BOOM!

    I know he’s tired of me and many other fanatic groupies bugging him about Ep. Three Part Deux, but he deserves our attention! I hope he finds a way to market this so I can buy one and support his hard work…

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