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20Six FRESH Back to the Future hoverboard

The official Mattell Back to the Future hoverboard is up on MattyCollector for pre-order. Any one who loved the technology of BTTF can drop $120 for this trapper keeper’d look at futuristic design. After watching the trilogy on BlueRay with Pop Up video trivia “Billy Zane makes his first on-screen appearance in this film as “Match”, one of Biff’s cronies.” I figured there’d be a blueprint or golden ticket as where to find one. Street wear guru The Hundreds bought themselves a sharp Delorean, so why couldn’t we cruise Emerald City in a hot pink board?

The 1:1 hoverboard replica measures 28″ x 8″ x 3″ and comes with “authentic ‘whooshing’ sounds sampled directly from the films” and though it doesn’t hover, it’ll “glide” over most surfaces (which means you can scoot along on it on your floor?). Pre-orders for the hoverboard are from March 1st to March 20th with an expected to ship date in November or December 2012.

Mattel will only make these official hoverboards if they receive a minimum order, not sure if I’ll pull the trigger, but would be happy to hear if someone does get it.

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